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CI Pensions Fund

The objective of the Fund is to generate long term returns by investing in a range of Australian, New Zealand and other international securities. The fund is an equities portfolio designed for investors in the pension phase. Through portfolio construction the Fund will have the primary objectives of having lower portfolio volatility than the Australian stock market and out-performing this market during periods of market weakness. The fund will be managed on the basis that unit holders have a zero tax rate and the Fund will report and be measured on an after tax basis (allowing for franking credits).

In order to achieve the risk and return objectives, the Fund prefers to invest in securities over a long term investment horizon. The portfolio will be invested in Australian and New Zealand listed securities and up to 20% of the Fund may also be invested in listed securities in other international markets. The portfolio will typically consist of 25-45 stocks. The Fund can hold up to 20% cash.

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