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CI Asian Tiger Fund

The object of the Fund is to generate long term returns by investing in a range of listed Asian securities, incorporating small cap, mid cap and large cap stocks. While the Fund has flexibility to invest in securities outside its Benchmark where those securities have a significant proportion of their sales, assets or profits from the Asian region, the amount going forward is unlikely to be material. The Fund owns a selection of equities diversified by country, industry and size of capitalisation.

Our aim is for the Fund's long term returns to exceed the Benchmark. However, the Fund will be constructed with limited reference to the Benchmark and therefore returns may significantly vary from the Benchmark returns. The Fund aims to invest in quality companies with a strong value proposition. We try and understand downside risk, as well as upside potential, in assessing the investment merit of stocks. The Manager uses CI's VoF process, incorporating strong fundamentally driven research, in its search for suitable investments. A minimum of 70% of the Fund's exposure to foreign currency is unhedged. The Fund can leverage to a maximum of 10% of Net Asset Value.

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